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Thank you for submitting your details and your interest in joining us for your Ziyarat. We endeavour to update the information provided below. Please do contact us for the latest information on current COVID-19 restrictions and immigration regulations.


Iraq is currently providing visas on entry for Canadian, US and British nationals. You do require a passport with at least 6 months validity from the date of your arrival. Visa on entry is US$77 per person (please note that this may change without notice). For all other nationals, a approval for visa applications at your nearest embassy must be sought. The minimum number of approvals required per application is five (5). Approvals do carry a charge that is not refundable once process is started. Please get in touch with us for updated charges on the same.

For visa applications at the Embassy of Iraq in Ottawa or Montreal, please provide us with the following:


1) Original Passport.

2) Colour copy of the bio page.

3) Visa forms (electronically filled, printed and signed)

4) 2 colour visa picture (35mm X 45mm) with white background.

5) Visa Fees


If you are joining us for ziyarat in Iran, please contact us for the latest approval forms. Once these are filled and returned with approval fees, we will begin the approval process. Please note that applying does not guarantee you will receive approval to apply for visa. Whilst processing your application for approval, we will send you the forms for Visa application (if applicable) to prepare for issuance of visas in Washington DC at the Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Embassy of Pakistan.

We will require the following:

1) Original Passport (with at least a 6 month validity from date of entry)

2) Passport Photographs x 2

3) Visa Fees

4) Approval issued by the appropriate ministry in Iran.


​Syria now processes visas for individuals. Group visas are only available for large groups of 40 or more. Individual visas tend to be very costly, almost as much as the actual stay there for 4 days.

Please contact us for the latest information for your Syrian visa application.


Please find a generic packing list that may help. If you have suggestions for other forms or information you would like to see attached please do let us know.

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