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The Ziyarat of the 8th Imam (as) is narrated to be of very special importance. He is known as Imam Zamaan and Babul Hawa'ij. It is narrated that that a person who was a sinner passed away and his body was brought to circumvent the shrine and pay final respects. The angels punishing him for his sins stopped outside the shrine's door when the body entered the shrine. They were waiting for the body to exit. It is said the soul of the person, whose body entered the shrine, prayed to the Imam (as) for his intercession with Allah (swt) for the forgiveness of his sins. The Imam (as) is then said to have told the angels waiting outside that the person was forgiven and no further punishment was needed. In Neyshabur, one can revel in the artwork and Turquoise (precious stone - Feroz) as well as visit the well that Imam Ali Ridha (as) miraculously made appear. Lady Shatiteh is also buried in Neyshabur.


In the city of Qum rests the 8th Imam's sister Sayyeda Fatima (as) also known as Masuma Qom (as) whom the Imam regarded as infallible. One can visit Bait un Noor where, Sayyedah Fatimah (as) spent her last days and passed away. On Tuesdays, it is narrated that, Imam Mahdi (atfs) visits Masjid Jamkaran. There is also an amal to perform in this Masjid.



Sayyedah Fatima (as) was very highly respected by her brother Imam Ali Ridha (as) who gave her the title of "Masum". It is also narrated that without performing her Ziyarat the Ziyarat of Imam Ali Ridha (as) is incomplete and that visiting her is equal to visiting the Imam (as) himself. Sayyeda Fatima was very close to her brother who had been summoned to Khorasan by Mamun Al-Rashid. The separation was unbearable for her and so she made her way to him in a caravan. Unfortunately, the caravan never made it to Khorasan. It was ambushed and her family that was accompanying her were brutally killed. She asked to be taken to Qom as she had heard her family say that the town was friendly towards the Ahlul-bayt. In her grief, she passed away in Qom never reaching her brother Imam Ridha (as).


It is narrated that Sayyedah Fatima (as) came here and was given this home to rest in by a person that was friendly towards the Ahlulbayt. Here she stayed during the last days of her life deep in grief for the loss of her family that were travelling to Khorasan with her.


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It is said that the 12th Imam - Imam Muhammad Mahdi (atfs) once appeared for a moment on a Tuesday at this mosque. It has also been mentioned that a man named Sheikh Jamkarani saw the Imam (atfs) in a dream with Hazrat Khidr (as) and informed him that this land was noble and that the owner should build a mosque on it. From then on, the narration has spread and one will witness thousands of people visit the site (especially on a Tuesday) to ask for Imam Muhammad Mahdi's (atfs) intercession.


Imam Khomeini is buried just outside of Tehran. He led the revolution in Iran that vested control from Shah Pahlavi. He led the country as a Supreme Leader and created the first modernized Islamic Republic led by Shias. His current successor in Iran is Supreme Leader Khamenei. He is greatly revered by the people and highly respected.


Shah Abdul Azim was sent to Rey (modern day Tehran) by Imam Ridha (as) to propagate the message of Islam. Through great difficulty, he travelled to his destination to deliver the Imam's (as) message. On his death a piece of paper was found in his pocket outlining his lineage to be Abdul Adhim son of Abdillah son of Ali son of Husayn son of Zayd son of Hassan Ibn Ali (the 2nd Imam (as). Other personalities buried in the shrine are Imamzadeh Tahir, son of the 4th Imam - Imam Zainul Abidin (as) and Imamzadeh Hamza, brother of the 8th Imam (as) - Imam Ali Ridha (as).



Imam Ali Ridha (as) was the 8th Imam. The caliph at the time Mamun Al-Rashid, wanting to quell the uprisings in the territory, decided to appoint the 8th Imam (as) as the Crown Prince (his successor). The Imam (as) refused to take part in the decision making of the government and accepted the position by name only as he was aware of Mamun Al-Rashid's treachery. On seeing his popularity continue to wane, Mamun Al-Rashid was troubled as he saw the Imam's (as) popularity among the people increase exponentially. Mamun Al-Rashid then decided to call the Imam (as) for dinner and fed him poisoned grapes after which the Imam (as) passed away.


On a journey, Imam Ali Ridha (as) stopped here for namaaz. In a predominantly dry area, the 8th Imam (as) went looking for water to perform his ablutions before prayer. This spring, miraculously, appeared whilst he was digging for water with his hands and has never gone dry since. It is considered one of the Imam's (as) miracles. Whilst praying, the Imams footprints were embedded and remain, to this day, within the mausoleum. Millions of Shias' visit this site to get a glimpse of the footprints and to drink from the spring.


Once an Imam's (as) representative was collecting khums to take to Imam Musa Kadhim (as). He managed to collect thousands from many people. A poor lady came to him and gave him one dinar and a piece of clothing to take to the 7th Imam (as). At first he was very embarrassed to accept these items after all the collections made but did so at her insistence. When the representative presented all the large sums to the 7th Imam (as), he kept Lady Shatiteh's khums and gift hidden out of embarrassment. The 7th Imam (as) rejected all the khums and asked the representative to return the same. The representative surprised at the decision of the 7th Imam (as), did as the Imam (as) wished. When leaving, the Imam (as) called the representative back and ask him for the khums and gift given to him by a poor old lady. Lady Shatiteh's khums and gift were given to the 7th Imam (as) who accepted them wholeheartedly. He told the representative to give his regards to the Lady and tell her that she would soon pass away and that he would be there for her funeral. Lady Shatiteh is highly respected because of her piety and many visit her shrine in Neyshabur.
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